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Smart Plater (R) Patent # 5346602 FX

Complete Package Features

A Rugged, Full Featured, Industrial Grade

Gold Plating System for Your High Volume Industrial Business

Revolutionary, patented design allows ease of plating for every market application. Place power system in chair frame and gold plate automobiles in comfort; no standing, stretching or fatigue. Remove power system from the chair and operate on a bench top, counter top or boat deck. Maximize profits by accomplishing any gold plating task!

Advanced protection circuits prevent "over-stripping", "over-activating" as well as short & arc protection. It is impossible to damage the work piece. No fuses to blow or circuit breakers to trip providing 100% system uptime. Completely user friendly!

New high frequency pulse power system with forced air cooling. Provides coninuous 24 hour stripping power without overheating or shutdown. Tackle that big job, chrome grills, rims, bumpers, with unmatched speed and performance!

All electronic outputs set automatically and self adjust for any workpiece size. The 3 or 4 step process allows the deposit of gold over any metallic surface, including aluminum.

Versatility! Power up cordless with the optional external battery or use an automotive cigarette lighter, or AC outlet.

Comfortable seat with smooth rolling wheels. Retractable lead wires prevent tangling. Quick release anode make setup and dismantling fast and simple.

Deposit chrome, silver, copper, nickel, cobalt in addition to gold with the same Smart Plater System.

Contents of the Smart Plater Package
- Comprehensive Training Video
- Instruction Manual
- Marketing Manual
- High Frequency Pulse Power System
- Forced Air Cooled Electronics
- Advanced Protection Circuits
- (5) Heavy Duty Output Leads
- (4) Lightweight Application Tools
- (4) Solution Beakers
- Solution Drain Pan / Grounding Tray
- (1) Pair Safety Glasses
- (6) Pair Rubber Gloves
- (1) Roll 1/2" Vinyl Tape
- (1) Spray Rinse Bottle
- 1oz Plating Correction Compound
- (5) Plastic Masking Sheets
- (3) 1/4" Stainless Anodes
- (1) 1/8" Stainless Anodes
- (4) 1/4" Dura-Flap TM Anode Sleeves
- (4) 1/8" Dura-Flat TM Anode Sleeves
- (4) 1/4" Fuzzy Anode Sleeves
- 250ml (8.5oz) 24kt Gold Solution
- 250ml (8.5oz) Nickel Plate
- 1 Liter (34oz) Stripper / Cleaner
- 1 Liter (34oz) Activator


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